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This time of year, love is in the air and there’s electricity all around! We might be biased, but we believe there are so many reasons to LOVE solar power for your home or business. In fact, we have 14 reasons why we’ve fallen hard for this renewable energy source.

May Save on Utility Bills

One of the main reasons many homeowners are opting for home solar systems is that they may save money on monthly utility bills. A home solar system may lower your energy consumption costs, and it’s easy to do! All you have to do is install the appropriate amount of solar panels to produce more than you use. Thankfully, the amount of electricity you can produce from a home solar system is quite large, and in most cases, you can create enough electricity to power your entire household without worry!

Solar Energy is the Future

Having a home solar system is essential for the future. It could help save homeowners from a lot of expenses if they’re spending less on their electric bills each month. Less money spent on electricity means more money for homeowners to save for future plans. Not to mention, the U.S. has big plans for renewable energy expansion. To reach President Biden’s climate goals, the U.S. must deploy at least 103 GW of distributed solar by 2030.

Low Maintenance Costs

Contrary to popular belief, home solar systems are actually easy to maintain. Most panels are very durable and only require the dust/dirt to be washed off a few times a year. Not to mention, most panels come with a warranty from the manufacturer to give you the peace of mind that your home has a reliable energy source for the future.

Production Guarantee

We understand that installing solar on your home can be a big investment. That’s why we have a 25-year production guarantee when you purchase panels we install. We believe it’s important to give yourself the peace of mind that you’re making the right decision for your home and future.

May “Break-Even” on your Investment

Did you know the average homeowner takes less than 10 years to break even on their investment? Depending on your energy needs and the state you live in, this can happen even faster!

You Can “Own” your Power

Having the ability to generate your own power has additional benefits outside of potentially saving  and environmental impact. While solar power is still connected to the grid, you’ll be more independent from your local utilities for your energy needs. With the addition of a solar battery to your home, you can also store any excess power you generate and don’t use throughout the day.

Environmental Impact

Most of the time, people go solar for financial reasons, but they are still helping to save the environment. Solar panels make up for the amount of carbon used to produce them in about 2 years. For the remaining decades of service life left in them, they can reduce the amount of carbon produced to make electricity.

Increase Home Value

Did you know that studies have shown that installing panels or solar batteries on your home can increase its value? Homebuyers these days like to purchase energy-efficient homes and will pay more for that added value. In fact, one study confirmed that solar installations increase a home’s resale value by up to $9,000 for each kilowatt of panels installed. Another study estimated an increase of 4.1% of the home’s value. 

Opportunity to Earn Money

Home solar systems can give you the opportunity to actually earn some money from the electricity generated. Through net metering, consumers have the opportunity to receive credits from the excess power their home solar systems generate or add to the grid. This is beneficial for both homeowners and utilities as it helps alleviate the strain on the electric grid.

Reliable Energy for your Home

While we like to think our electric grid will never fail us, blackouts, extreme weather events, and more can affect your power. Residents of Texas learned this the hard way when their grid went down across the state. Thankfully, with rooftop solar and the added benefit of a solar battery, you have reliable power for your home during an energy crisis.

Unlimited Power Resource

Solar energy is powered by one of the most reliable resources on the planet – the sun! That means as long as the sun continues to rise, your panels will have an unlimited power resource.

Ease of Installation with the Right Team

Installing a home solar system can be such an easy process. Once you’ve decided to invest in rooftop solar for your home, companies like Freedom Forever will take care of the rest. We are currently installing in over 26 states and growing!

Sunshine is Free

Not only is solar power an unlimited resource, but the sunlight needed to create energy is also completely free.

Using Solar Feels Great

There’s no denying that opening your power bill each month to see how much money you’ve saved is a great feeling! If you’re ready to help the environment, own your power, and potentially save money each month, it’s time to switch to solar!

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