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With transparent and competitive pricing, we ensure a trustworthy and cost-effective solar journey. Our team’s commitment to respect, teamwork, and customer satisfaction creates a positive experience focused on your unique needs.

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Why Go Solar?


Empower your home with a residential solar system and gain independence over your power supply while safeguarding against potential surges in electricity prices in the future. Harness the sun’s energy and secure long-term cost savings while reducing your carbon footprint.


Not only does going solar make financial sense, it makes environmental sense too. According to Ecomark Solar, in a span of 50 years the average home with solar can help prevent 300 tons of pollution from leaking into our breathable air. That’s like saving a 300-acre forest. Now imagine how the world would look if every homeowner switched to solar.

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Discover how we’re making solar energy accessible and affordable for everyone in the following areas. Join us in the clean energy revolution and take the first step towards a greener, more eco-friendly tomorrow.
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What Our Customers Say

My wife and I decided to invest in solar panels for our home it was difficult to determine which solar installer to use. We met with a group of eight interested neighbors and after studying the reviews and talking with numerous solar company representatives we all voted to go with Sunder. Sunder did an exceptional job. I am submitting this review now to inform anyone who is thinking about purchasing solar panels that Sunder not only was the right choice 5 years ago but Sunder continues to be the right choice today. I recommend Sunder to everyone and anyone looking for solar!

Temecula Branch, CA

We have used Sunder on 3 houses so far, working on a fourth, and they have been efficient and professional from start to finish! They take all the time necessary to explain what you're signing up for, giving you all the options, and keeping the process moving. Our monthly payment is saving us 50% and will be even more in the future as electricity rates continue to rise.

Lake Havasu City, AZ

For the first time In my United States Marine Corps life I met a sales person that surprised the he'll out of me. Not only did he make a few promises he actually followed thru with his promises. Because his tablet kept messing up he assured me that he would return today to complete the process. Wouldn't you know it he kept his word again. This is a rare find. I can't hardly wait to see the day that we will no longer have a 5 to 700 dollar light bill.

Las Vegas, NV

I had made some bad choices on another solar company but Sunder has stepped in and saved me from the nightmare I was having and now I’m on the right track with the best company, thanks Sunder!!

Houston, TX

We paid a lot of elec bill before. Recently we paid 400$ of elec, so we make decision install the solar system. i researched a lot of Solar company..... I contact Tesla, Sunrun, ADT and Solar Edge. I finally pick Sunder because of their design team and sales guy. Their roof design team looks very intelligent. Sales guy told me all information with kind. I love Sunders Solar team. Thanks again for install my solar system.

Mission Viejo, CA

I am thoroughly impressed by the professionalism of everyone who has been involved with our installation. The installers were quick and efficient, and everything was cleaner than they arrived. The electrician’s installation looked more like an art piece, than electrical equipment. The minor hiccup we had, I felt was due more to us trying to be cheap, yet our sales rep displayed stellar integrity by placing that burden on his shoulders instead, and insured that we were fully taken care of.

Fort Worth, TX

Sunder has been a fantastic experience so far. From the initial sale through the install, was very timely and professional, can't wait to start saving.

Largo, FL

We have been very impressed with Sunder. Communication has been excellent and they provide the best value out of every other company we looked into. They were quick, offered the best warranties for 25 years, and took care of everything from start to finish.

Houston Branch, TX

Sunder is an amazing company and have proven success in residential solar for over one decade. From the qualification process to installation and beyond they are very professional and thorough in installing residential solar. 5 starts, highly recommend!

Houston Branch, TX

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Our mission at Sunder Energy is to give people the power to change the future. We are dedicated to helping homeowners and protecting our planet. Our team is driven by a mission-oriented culture and a strong commitment to making a difference. We are determined to disrupt the traditional methods of energy production in America. Every day, our team works diligently to embody our core values and provide the highest level of service to our customers. Go solar with Sunder Energy today and take back your power!

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